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Checking The Pulse: Who Is Your 11th Overall Pick On March 4th?

Well, yesterday certainly was fun, eh? Your Houston Texans made some CBA deadline news by re-signing tight end Owen Daniels, running back Derrick Ward, and defensive tackle nose tackle Shaun Cody. Just before that, they tendered quarterback Matt Leinart (1st round), guard Mike Brisiel (2nd round), wide receiver Jacoby Jones (2nd as well), defensive end (outside linebacker?) Mark Anderson (2nd too), offensive tackle Rashad Butler (3rd round), and running back Arian Foster (exclusive rights tender).

Now that your scorecards are updated, let's not forget that we've also passed another key leg of the NFL Draft pre-season: the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, Indiana. Forty-yard dashes were run, benches were pressed, cone drills were clocked, and there were our usual movers and/or shakers that shuffled the draft ranks as we head to college pro days and personal workouts.

Taking into accounts the recent moves (or lack thereof in some people's eyes) and Combine results, who is your first round pick at this stage in the off-season?

The poll's below. Vote and defend your choice. Jump to see mine.

I'm going to leave the more analytical, realistic side to SB Nation Houston. This is who I want, and I want Nebraska cornerback Prince Amukamara at the 11th overall pick.

Why Amukamara? Well, I'm not sold on any outside linebacker or defensive end moving to outside linebacker. There's no offensive lineman worth the 11th overall pick. I believe Texas A&M OLB Von Miller and Alabama WR Julio Jones will go to Arizona and Washington respectively. Who does this leave? Amukamara.

I won't waste anyone's time with a detailed breakdown, but Amukamara continued to show great hips and hands at the Combine while also quieting those who doubted his speed. At the end of the day, I am a "best player available" person, and I think Amukamara will be that.

Sound off on your choice below, faithful BRBers.