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With The Eighth Pick Of The 2011 BRB Mock Draft, Beezlebud's Army Of Darkness Selects...

After pretending to be in charge of the Titans, rumor has it that txknight is feverishly running around town, trying to do enough good deeds to erase what is almost sure to be an indelible stain upon his soul. While a noble effort, I fear it's futile. Try as one might, you can't wash the stench of Bud off.

With the 8th pick of the BRB mock NFL draft......the Tennessee Titans pick Nick Fairley (DT--Auburn).

While Prince Amukamara is still on the board, the consensus is that the Titans are pretty well set at CB.

Julio Jones also entered the discussion as BPA, but the thought is that Kenny Britt is their #1 WR of the future, and that he should get another year to develop. Besides, without a QB to throw to them, all the WRs in the world aren't going to help much.

With that being said, Nick Fairley fits top need and BPA left in the DL rotation. While your humble servant has questions about Fairley's dirty play, he definitely has the nastiness to fit in with the rest of the Titans' defense. I also saw some good ability to power through blocks, he doesn't get stood up often, and he has an even better ability to slide off blocks and clog up lanes. With the Titans' defense ravaged by age and free agency, they need a big, powerful, and nasty defensive lineman to build a defense around.

The fake GM of the Titans is confident the folks over at Music City Miracles will love this pick. Do you?

While the original plan was to do two picks per weekday, I'm willing to get an additional pick or two up over the weekend if the folks representing the next few teams get their picks in. If they don't, no worries; we'll just resume the exercise on Monday. Let me know what you want to do, Cowboys (I am Ironman!!!) and Redskins (HoustonTransplant, Rip Jersey, Cut Block).

Regardless, the Cowboys, via I am Ironman!!!, are on the clock.