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Top 10 Texans Draft Busts - #5: Bennie Joppru

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Well, at least the previous guys were able to make it on the field, unlike 2003 2nd Round pick Bennie Joppru (though credits him with an appearance.  Frankly, I just don't remember it.).  Here's a pre-jump scouting report on Joppru.

In my opinion, there's a pretty clear line of demarcation between numbers 10-6 and 5-1.  You could, for example, make a strong argument for the inclusion of a Charles Hill or Seth Wand over Antwaun Molden.  For the Top 5, though, the only question is order.  All of these players were tremendous busts.

Joppru wasn't a bust in that he couldn't play; he just couldn't get on the field.  First, he suffered a severe groin injury, and then he tore up his knee.  Like Mr. Mittens, however, part of the blame lies on Charley Casserly.

The 2002 squad couldn't keep David Carr vertical.  The defense had a difficult time creating pressure and, thanks to the expansion draft, was already becoming oddly old.  When Casserly plucked Andre Johnson in the 1st Round, the combination of Johnson and Billy Miller gave Carr a couple of reliable outlets, along with Domanick Williams.  Joppru was a luxury pick, at best, as Casserly continued to go for "skill" positions rather than building the team from the inside-out.  In 2003, Carr was sacked just as much as ever, and the Texans' defense ranked 29th out of 32.

Joppru would go on to get credit for 13 games in 2007 for the Seattle Seahawks, failing to contribute a counting stat along the way, and that was the end of his line.  Incredibly, Charley Casserly is still allowed to talk about football as if he has the slightest shred of credibility.

Next three players picked after Joppru: Ken Hamlin, Seattle Seahawks; Pisa Tinoisamoa, St. Louis Rams; Taylor Jacobs, Washington Redskins.

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