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Top 10 Texans Draft Busts - #3: Phillip Buchanon

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In my memory of the Houston Texans, I can't remember a single player blessed with more derogatory nicknames than Phillip Buchanon: P-S**t, P-Toast, and my favorite--P-Burnt--are among the nicknames.  Now, I do realize I'm somewhat cheating by listing Buchanon here, but with his Antonio Cromartie-like tackling and C.C .Brown-esque coverage skills, he deserves this tiny slice of fame.  For those that don't remember, Charley Casserly traded our 2005 2nd and 3rd Round picks for Buchanon in easily the worst trade of the franchise's history.  Jump with me to get the gory details, and in a moment of warning, parental guidance is suggested.

In retrospect, it's hard to believe P-Burnt's career with the Texans last just 14 games, but we're also quite fortunate his stay was so relatively short.  P-Burnt was repeatedly used like toilet paper by opposing offenses.  Over the course of his 14 games (which spans one season and one month, I should add, as he was cut in October 2006), P-Burnt managed just 37 total tackles, 5 pass deflections, and not a single interception.  Not one.

He was brought in for his turnover skills.

Oh, and to make the whole thing even worse?  It was the Oakland Raiders that fleeced us on this deal.  Charley Casserly was pwn3d by Al Davis.  I'll let that one sink in for a moment.  Go ahead, find the bleach (retroactively).

Oakland flipped the Round 2 pick to the New York Jets, who, like drunken sailors on leave, splurged on Mike Nugent.  The Raiders kept the 3rd Rounder and opted for Kirk Morrison, a solid though not necessarily spectacular starter for a number of years in the league and who is still active today for the Glitter Kitties.

Meanwhile, P-Burnt continues to terrify his employers, currently the Washington Redskins, where he coughs up yards like Kareem Jackson on a bender.  At the time, this trade was a disaster.  In retrospect, it's downright Casserellian.

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