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With The Twenty-Third Pick Of The 2011 BRB Mock Draft, The Philadelphia Eagles Select...

I received a selection from someone picking for the Eagles. I assume the selection was from NoSafetiesNeeded, but it could have been from anyone. I'm going to credit NSN with the pick. If I'm wrong, I've been pranked and will have my revenge, in this life or the next.

Areas of need: Cornerback, offensive line.

The Philadelphia Eagles had one of the best offensive attacks in the league last year, with Michael Vick as their leader and weapons at tight end, running back and wide receiver. The defense continued do their part and blitzed their opponents from all over the field. This allowed them to create turnovers and allowed opposing quarterbacks to shit their pants.

Andy Reid’s philosophy has always been to use his timeouts early, run out of challenges, abandon the running game, order a Philly cheesesteak, and to control the trenches on both sides of the ball. However, if you look at the history of the picks that have been made by Reid since he became coach, only 7 out of the 12 picks have been made there. With all of that being said, the Eagles select Jimmy Smith (CB--Colorado) because I believe that if he was available, the Eagles would make him the 23rd overall pick.

Some are down on Smith’s ability, with him being burned at various points throughout the season, but at 6’ 2", 211 lbs., he has the size to play with the biggest receivers in the league. He would be considered, at worst, the 3rd option behind Asante Samuel, squash bananas, and Ellis Hobbs. Smith has the experience of playing in a big pass-happy conference and is considered by some as the best cornerback to come out of the Big 12, a conference which included fellow cornerbacks Prince Amukamara and Aaron Williams.

The biggest downside to Smith are his off-the-field incidents. He has had multiple run-ins with the law due to alcohol, but if any team out there can fix or at least curve those off-the-field issues, it’s the Philadelphia Eagles.

Other players that were considered were Brandon Harris, Aaron Williams, Anthony Castonzo, and Dovovan McNabb Adrian Clayborn.

Interesting selection. Perhaps one sure to be criticized, given the amount of anti-Smith rhetoric we've had around these parts when it comes to him being a potential Texan. What do you think?

The Saints of New Orleans, via Jon Banks and maybe LousianaTexan, are now on the clock.