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With The Twenty-Fourth Pick Of The 2011 BRB Mock Draft, The New Orleans Saints Select...

Jon Banks and LouisianaTexan have turned in their card. Banks discloses the pick, along with a pretty solid amount of explanatory self-loathing, after the jump. Preview before the jump, just for you: Reggie Bush "is the highest paid punt returner in the NFL." You have to respect that kind of candor.

Welcome to New Orleans, Mark Ingram (RB--Alabama).

The Saints' needs are at almost every position outside of quarterback and defensive back. The receivers are only made better by Drew Brees being able to spread the ball to anyone capable of catching the ball. Same goes for the tight ends, who are currently at a deficiency after the loss of a drunk homeless guy with tattoos Jeremy Shockey. The O-line is bookmarked by two turnstiles named Jermon Bushrod and Jon Stinchcomb. Bushrod is a good backup, but is not starter material, while Stinchcomb is 32 years old and past his prime. Running backs are led by Pierre Thomas (who just broke his ankle eating crawfish), Reggie Bush (who is the highest paid punt returner in the NFL), and Chris Ivory (who just shattered into a million pieces as you read this).

Meanwhile, the defense is in dire need of Front Seven talent. Will Smith is the Saints' premier pass rusher...sorry, I lost my train of thought after the tears subsided. Defensive tackle is set for the 2011 Lockout, as Sedrick Ellis is coming into his own nicely and Shaun Rogers will line up next to him. The other defensive end is Alex Brown. Meanwhile, the linebackers are a bunch of suck, piss, crap, and Jonathan Vilma. And if we draft another defensive back, I will stab a Cowboys fan.

So, after complaining about the lack of defensive talent, why would I want a running back? Because this draft is filled with defensive talent compared to offensive talent. The Saints can pick up more project players in the 2nd or two players in the 3rd round when their picks come around. Meanwhile, this draft has only one good running back that should be drafted and his name is Mark Ingram. Though Justin Houston or Akeem Ayers was a possibility, I just can’t let a talent like Ingram slide.

Despite Ingram's pseudo-addition to our pseudo-Saints, you just know that Reggie Bush will somehow figure out a way to continue robbing the Saints blind regardless of who the Saints really choose on April 28th. It's science.

Draft Recap:

1. Carolina--Cam Newton (QB--Auburn)
2. Denver--Patrick Peterson (CB--LSU)
3. Buffalo--Marcell Dareus (DT--Alabama)
4. Cincinnati--Von Miller (OLB/DE--Texas A&M)
5. Arizona--A.J. Green (WR--Georgia)
6. Cleveland--Da'Quan Bowers (DE--Clemson)
7. San Francisco--Robert Quinn (LB--North Carolina)
8. Tennessee--Nick Fairley (DT--Auburn)
9. Southern Oklahoma--Tyron Smith (OT--USC)
10. Washington--Jake Locker (QB--Washington)
11. Houston--Prince Amukamara (CB--Nebraska)
12. Minnesota--Blaine Gabbert (QB--Mizzou)
13. Detroit--Julio Jones (WR--Alabama)
14. St. Louis--Aldon Smith (DE/OLB--Mizzou)
15. Miami--Mike Pouncey (G/C--Florida)
16. Jacksonville--Cameron Jordan (DE--Cal)
17. New England--Anthony Castonzo (OT--Boston College)
18. San Diego--J.J. Watt (DE--Wisconsin)
19. New York Giants--Gabe Carimi (OT--Wisconsin)
20. Tampa Bay--Ryan Kerrigan (DE--Purdue)
21. Kansas City--Brooks Reed (DE--Arizona)
22. Indianapolis--Nate Solder (OT--Colorado)
23. Philadelphia--Jimmy Smith (CB--Colorado)
24. New Orleans--Mark Ingram (RB--Alabama)

The mind behind Battle Red Onion, UprootedTexan, is now on the clock for the Seahawks with the twenty-fifth overall pick.