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With The Twenty-Fifth Pick Of The 2011 BRB Mock Draft, The Seattle Seahawks Select...

A more sinister mind would make a crack about the Sonics or Kurt Cobain in this space. I, however, am a good person, so I'll just say [insert lame crack about UprootedTexan putting down his latte from Starbucks long enough to make a pick for the Seahawks here].

Last season was one wild ride for the Seattle Seahawks. I still don’t know how a team with a 7-9 record managed to not only get into the playoffs, but get in with the fourth seed as well. Not to mention hosting that wild card game against New Orleans.

I will never forget watching Marshawn Lynch shed no less than 8 tackles on a 67-yard-scamper to the end zone that had all the style and grace of a mountain goat with poor coordination and moderate brain damage. That run was possibly the single greatest moment in Seahawks history, even better than their Super Bowl appearance (think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts). I remember jumping up and down and screaming my lungs out. I also remember meeting my angry downstairs neighbors at the door, who demanded that I stop jumping on the floor like an elephant whacked out on angeldust and, for Durga’s sake, put on some pants.

But somewhere in the back of my mind, amidst the jubilation and putting-on of pants, I knew that the Seahawks were screwing themselves in the draft. Now, it’s time for the Hawks to pay the piper for last season’s improbable playoff run.

The Seahawks are not a playoff-caliber team. I’ll wait for the shock of this to wear off before continuing.

(15 seconds later…)

They simply have too many needs to fill this offseason. Pete Carroll has tried to glue Matt Glasselbeck together so many times he’s already chucked the glue bottle across the training room, and accidentally re-shattered Glass Matt, and that’s assuming he actually comes back! Right tackle Sean Locklear has about as much business starting for the Seahawks as Frank Bush does serving as defensive coordinator anywhere other than at the elementary school level. Kelly Jennings, the only cornerback ever to come from Munchkin Land, may not be back next season, and thank Odin for that (there are a lot of Norwegians up this way). There’s also no guarantee that the only good defensive tackle on the team, Brandon Mebane, will be back on the team next year.

This pick is predicated on two things: 1. The Hawks move Heaven, Valhalla, and Earth to trade for a quarterback, either Carson Palmer, Donovan McNabb, or my personal preference, Kevin Kolb. 2. There are no good offensive tackles left worthy of a first round pick. I blame the Colts fans on the Open Thread and Clayton Bennett for the latter being true here. That being said, with the 25th pick in the 2011 BRB mock draft, the Seattle Seahawks select Corey Liuget (DT--Illinois).

Liuget is ideally suited to play as a 3-tech in a 4-3 system, which is fortunate, since the Hawks run a 4-3 Leo defense. With Liuget at 3-tech and Leo end Chris Clemons wreaking havoc in the backfield, current 3-tech DT Brandon Mebane can slide over to 1-tech, where he experienced his greatest success as a Seahawk when he busted out in 2008, taking on double teams and stopping the run. Considering all the injuries that the defensive line suffered last season, having current 1-tech DT Colin Cole, a/k/a The Moveable Fortress, as depth would make the 12th Man (yes, Aggies, I said 12th Man) very, very happy and go a long way toward solidifying the defensive line for potentially years to come. If Mebane’s not back, then at least we have his replacement ready.

With Corey Liuget headed to Seattle's heart-shaped box, Danny Santos and the Baltimore Ravens are now on the clock.