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With The Twenty-Sixth Pick Of The 2011 BRB Mock Draft, The Baltimore Ravens Select...

If there is a team, aside from the New York Jets, I really, truly want to wallop, the Baltimore Ravens would be that team.  And if you don't like this pick?  You will be cut  Stabby stabby!  Danny Santos, if that's his real name, brings you the pick.

The Ravens’ most pressing need is CB. Their Juggernaut front-7 was at times ineffective due to the below-average play of their secondary. To make matters worse, the Baltimore secondary now looks even thinner during this unusual offseason as current CBs Fabian Washington, Chris Carr and Josh Wilson are all set to hit the open market. This CB situation is considered bad by league standards, but since the Raven defense depends so much on a solid secondary to support their beastly pass rush, the position is an absolute Achilles' heel.

With the 26th pick, the Baltimore Ravens select: *BRANDON HARRIS, CB, MIAMI*.

A 3 year starter at "The U", Harris is a tremendous athlete with all the tools (clock, feet, hips) to become a top-tier CB in the NFL. Furthermore, Harris will not hesitate to get some dents on his helmet and support the
run, which is a must have quality to play in the Raven D.

The Atlanta Falcons are now on the clock.