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With The Twenty-Seventh Pick Of The 2011 BRB Mock Draft, The Atlanta Falcons Select...

Dunta Robinson (CB--South Carolina).

Just kidding, of course. Why draft a guy like Dunta when you can pay him tens of millions of dollars years later, after he's suffered a career-threatening injury?

Sorry...I guess I'm still bitter. Thankfully, Jason Brown can look at the Falcons objectively and offer some wisdom as to who they'd pick if the first 26 picks unfolded as they have here. Lend him your ear eyes after the jump.

Matt Ryan gives the Falcons a strong nucleus to build around, but the deeper I dig with the team, the more I see a situation that can only be explained by analogy. You walk into a bar and are just struck by this pretty young thing with a gaggle of blurry female shapes hovering around her. You think her friends must be attractive because this one is so special, but it could just be her aura rubbing off on the rest of them. The next thing you know, you wake up the next morning drooling on some stretch marks and listening to the sound of her arguing with an ex-husband about child support. These are your Atlanta Falcons.

A lot has been said about replacing Tony Gonzalez since he has been in the league longer than our franchise is 35 and plans to play only one more season. This has led many mocks to pencil in Kyle Rudolph, but I just can’t buy into that because (A) I don’t think the TE position is nearly valuable enough to spend a 1st rounder on, especially one who can’t really block (Smithiak be damned), and (B) I don’t trust dudes in gold helmets.

Aside from Gonzalez, nearly the whole offense is at least 29 – Michael Turner, Roddy White, Todd McClure (34), Ovie Mughelli, Harvey Dahl and Tyson Clabo – plus defenders Mike Peterson (34), John Abraham (32) and some guy named "Pay Me" are all getting up there in age. The only areas where I feel like the team has some quality young talent are at QB, 1 OT spot, DT, LB and safety (must be nice…). Everywhere else is fair game, with the biggest needs probably being anywhere on the offensive line, DE and WR.

That being said, I feel fortunate to be able to fill a need and take my best player available, Justin Houston (LB/DE--Georgia). Justin has been the top player on my board for the last 10 picks or so, and I’ve really been sweating it out thinking someone would grab him and I would be left reaching. I won’t give you a full scouting report since I assume you know how to use the Google box if you are interested in that sort of thing, but the best summary I’ve heard of Justin is that he is a poor man’s Mario Williams. Great size and athleticism, good versatility, and he’s also something of a hometown pick. He walks into a great situation here, being able to learn under John Abraham and coming in on passing downs or possibly even certain packages where is featured as a rushing linebacker.

Also considered: Derek Sherrod, Danny Watkins, Phil Taylor and Torrey Smith.

Another excellent write-up, right down to the waking-up-next-to-a-coyote analogy. Your thoughts on Justin Houston, pseudo-Falcon?

With his second first-round pick of the 2011 BRB Mock Draft, Riott is again on the clock for the Patriots.