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Top 10 Texans Draft Successes - #10: Dunta Robinson

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After everything we and the team went through before and after the 2009 season, I admit it's hard to have warm, fuzzy feelings about Dunta Robinson.  After all, after the "Pay Me Rick" debacle and his grand extortion of the team, Dunta proved that it was all about the money for him.  Which is fine!  It's his prerogative.  It just didn't play well in the sticks.

This said, Dunta was a heckuva draft pick as the 10th pick in the 2004 draft.  Here's a pre-jump scouting report on Dunta, and note that 40 time.

To say Dunta was the best cornerback in Texans history isn't just a back-handed compliment, but the competition isn't close, either.  While he was never confused with Deion Sanders in coverage skills, Dunta was not afraid to lay the lumber pre-injury.  And he wasn't too bad in coverage, either.

Unfortunately, Earl Cochran couldn't quite tell the difference between Dunta and Ronald Curry in a game against the Raiders, and the hit resulted in a devastating knee injury, snuffing out Dunta's 2007 season in November.  Dunta would return part way into 2008, but he was obviously a different player, much more susceptible to big plays than previously.  Also, he was far less interested in supporting the run.

Calling a player the "Heart and Soul of the Team" is often just crazy talk, something for sports announcers to say to make them sound important and intelligent.  In Dunta's case, it was the truth.  He was the Texans' defense before his injury.

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