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Top 10 Texans Draft Successes - #9: Steve Slaton

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Before Arian Foster's incredible 2010 season, the Texans' single-season leader for rushing yards was Steve Slaton.  In addition to his 2008 total of 1,282 rushing yards, Slaton was dangerous catching the ball out of the backfield, where he chipped in another 377 yards.  For those of us with calculators, , that's a nifty 1,682 total yards, which was the second highest total in team history.  Not such a bad return for a 3rd Rounder, #89th overall.  Here's quite the harbinger of a scouting report on Slaton.

Goodness gracious, was this man an explosive, exciting player.  The run against the Colts, especially, gives me chills.

Alas, Slaton decided to put on weight before the 2009 season, and a neck injury prematurely ended his season.  From all appearances, he worked hard to come back in 2010, but the neck surgery had taken a toll, and Slaton simply couldn't regain his burst from 2008.

Since this is my list--no matter how much some of you people hate it!--I'll add that I thought Slaton was a damn fine running back.  I am sad to see how he's regressed, but it's also part of the game.  Slaton's acceleration was legendary, as his ability to go from 0-60 was awe inspiring.  The injury, and the unnecessary weight gain, clearly had a deleterious effect on him.  The Steve Slaton I'll remember is the one from the links above, not the one who was trying, quite unsuccessfully, to return kicks in 2010.

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