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With The Thirtieth Pick Of The 2011 BRB Mock Draft, The New York Jets Select...

After a brief delay, we're back on track with the 2011 BRB Mock Draft. The Jets, via Fuzion, now bring you some thirtieth overall pick goodness after the jump.

The Jets are not a team in desperation mode or anything near it. The team as a whole played well, and the strong point, as was expected, was a stellar defense week in and week out. While normally teams go by need in Round One, this isn't the method to my madness (ah, the joys of being GM of a good team). I'm going with what I consider is BPA at this point in the draft, and I'm pretty sure there will be some who agree and disagree. Without further ado...

The New York Jets select Stephen "Otherworldly" Paea (DT--Oregon State).

Yeah, I went there. Everybody knows Paea's upper body strength is simply godlike, and while he is undersized as a typical NFL nose tackle, Rex Ryan isn't exactly unfamiliar with undersized NTs and developing them into quality every-down starters. The main knock on Paea is his technique, but he's also only been playing the game for a very limited time. He's very coachable technique-wise, and let's face it, one of the best technique coaches in the game today is Rex Ryan. What they've done with guys is ridiculous, and so there's no doubt in my mind they could help Paea adjust to this next level and become another undersized NT force, a la Kelly Gregg from Ryan's Baltimore days.

Some will say Paea's surgery will keep him out of the first round, but as the Jets GM, I think he fits too well here to pass on. Plus, he's a player who, while not making a true immediate impact, can make one for a long time to come. With often injured Kris Jenkins and old man Shaun Ellis the tanks on the defensive line, Ryan will also want to ensure his line doesn't miss a beat this season, and continues to disrupt every last one of their opponent's offenses. Yup, that'll continue.

Paea gone. Your reaction?

The Super Bowl runners-up, the Pittsburgh Steelers, are now on the clock. AlDe2356, please turn in your pick to me by 7 p.m. CDT.

First round recap:

1. Carolina--Cam Newton (QB--Auburn)
2. Denver--Patrick Peterson (CB--LSU)
3. Buffalo--Marcell Dareus (DT--Alabama)
4. Cincinnati--Von Miller (OLB/DE--Texas A&M)
5. Arizona--A.J. Green (WR--Georgia)
6. Cleveland--Da'Quan Bowers (DE--Clemson)
7. San Francisco--Robert Quinn (LB--North Carolina)
8. Tennessee--Nick Fairley (DT--Auburn)
9. Southern Oklahoma--Tyron Smith (OT--USC)
10. Washington--Jake Locker (QB--Washington)
11. Houston--Prince Amukamara (CB--Nebraska)
12. Minnesota--Blaine Gabbert (QB--Mizzou)
13. Detroit--Julio Jones (WR--Alabama)
14. St. Louis--Aldon Smith (DE/OLB--Mizzou)
15. Miami--Mike Pouncey (G/C--Florida)
16. Jacksonville--Cameron Jordan (DE--Cal)
17. New England--Anthony Castonzo (OT--Boston College)
18. San Diego--J.J. Watt (DE--Wisconsin)
19. New York Giants--Gabe Carimi (OT--Wisconsin)
20. Tampa Bay--Ryan Kerrigan (DE--Purdue)
21. Kansas City--Brooks Reed (DE--Arizona)
22. Indianapolis--Nate Solder (OT--Colorado)
23. Philadelphia--Jimmy Smith (CB--Colorado)
24. New Orleans--Mark Ingram (RB--Alabama)
25. Seattle Seahawks--Corey Liuget (DT--Illinois)
26. Baltimore Ravens--Brandon Harris (CB--Miami)
27. Atlanta Falcons--Justin Houston (LB/DE--Georgia)
28. New England Patriots--Phil Taylor (DT--Baylor)
29. Chicago Bears--Derrick Sherrod (OT--Mississippi State)
30. New York Jets--Stephen Paea (DT--Oregon State)