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With The Thirty-Second And Final Pick Of The 2011 BRB Mock Draft, The Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers Select...

Before HoustonTransplant discloses his pick for the defending champions, I'd like to thank all of you--especially those of you who signed up to serve as fake general managers and BFD, for picking up my slack to keep the draft moving when I couldn't--for participating in the 2011 BRB Mock Draft.

Beginning with Patrick's selection of Cam Newton for the Panthers on March 29th and ending with the pick below the jump, this draft has moved along almost flawlessly. An exercise with this many moving parts can get messy rather quickly, but all of you did a fantastic job. Thank you for that. If you've got any ideas as to how we can improve the BRB mock draft experience next year, leave 'em in the Comments or shoot me an e-mail.

Now, with the thirty-second and final pick of the 2011 BRB Mock Draft, I yield the floor to HoustonTransplant.

First off, I would like to say that this first round mock has been quite interesting. Definitely not the norm when looking at the more so-called professional mocks, if they can be called that. A few players that I was keying in on for the Packers are gone. A few examples of those players are Derrick Sherrod, Justin Houston, and Brandon Harris. Sherrod to learn behind the soon-to-be-35 Chad Clifton. Justin Houston to compliment Clay Matthews. Brandon Harris for CB depth and what seems like a good fit for their scheme and style. Well, they ain't available.

So instead I'm going to pick a player to shore up the interior offensive line. With the thirty-second pick of the 2011 BRB Mock Draft, the Green Bay Packers select Stefen Wisniewski (C/G--Penn State).

Wisniewski is a solid pass blocker with good lateral movement. He doesn't overextend. He is intelligent, which would help keep Aaron Rodgers from having to do his best Steve Young impersonations. Wisniewski plays from snap to whistle and isn't satisfied until his guy is on the ground. He has a nasty streak and he finishes, which is a trait he learned from Uncle Steve Wisniewski, former eight time All-Pro guard for the Raiders. I think Wisniewski is versatile and smart enough to play all three interior positions on the line at the next level. He's quick to get set in his pass protection and has a quick first punch. On run plays, he has a quick first step off the line. An interior offensive lineman with a quick first step and set-up will be key when maintaining NFC North dominance with the likes of a boy named Suh in the division.

Your thoughts on the pick? A post looking at the entire draft as a whole should be up sometime in the next few days. In the meantime, here's how the first round shook out here on BRB:

1. Carolina--Cam Newton (QB--Auburn)
2. Denver--Patrick Peterson (CB--LSU)
3. Buffalo--Marcell Dareus (DT--Alabama)
4. Cincinnati--Von Miller (OLB/DE--Texas A&M)
5. Arizona--A.J. Green (WR--Georgia)
6. Cleveland--Da'Quan Bowers (DE--Clemson)
7. San Francisco--Robert Quinn (LB--North Carolina)
8. Tennessee--Nick Fairley (DT--Auburn)
9. Southern Oklahoma--Tyron Smith (OT--USC)
10. Washington--Jake Locker (QB--Washington)
11. Houston--Prince Amukamara (CB--Nebraska)
12. Minnesota--Blaine Gabbert (QB--Mizzou)
13. Detroit--Julio Jones (WR--Alabama)
14. St. Louis--Aldon Smith (DE/OLB--Mizzou)
15. Miami--Mike Pouncey (G/C--Florida)
16. Jacksonville--Cameron Jordan (DE--Cal)
17. New England--Anthony Castonzo (OT--Boston College)
18. San Diego--J.J. Watt (DE--Wisconsin)
19. New York Giants--Gabe Carimi (OT--Wisconsin)
20. Tampa Bay--Ryan Kerrigan (DE--Purdue)
21. Kansas City--Brooks Reed (DE--Arizona)
22. Indianapolis--Nate Solder (OT--Colorado)
23. Philadelphia--Jimmy Smith (CB--Colorado)
24. New Orleans--Mark Ingram (RB--Alabama)
25. Seattle--Corey Liuget (DT--Illinois)
26. Baltimore--Brandon Harris (CB--Miami)
27. Atlanta--Justin Houston (LB/DE--Georgia)
28. New England--Phil Taylor (DT--Baylor)
29. Chicago--Derrick Sherrod (OT--Mississippi State)
30. New York Jets--Stephen Paea (DT--Oregon State)
31. Pittsburgh--Rahim Moore (FS, UCLA)
32. Green Bay--Stefen Wisniewski (C/G--Penn State)

With that, the clock has stopped.