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Saturday Night Tunes

First of all, much thanks to Jordann for his post a couple weeks ago.  I'm NOT too old, damn you!  Hold on, I think I strained something.  And I'm a little out of breath.  I need a moment.


OK, I'm doing a little better.  Jump with me so I can enlighten y'all with what I've been listening to, and you, in turn, can enlighten me.

On a personal basis, it's a fun release week for me!  First of all, Austin singer/songwriter Bob Schneider released A Perfect Day, an absolutely delightful album of largely lighter-hearted tunes from an often bluesy lyric kind of guy.  h/t to DiehardChris for the heads up, whom you can go visit him at his new gig (ONE OF US!  ONE OF US!).  Schneider is basically a local legend here in Austin - Lonelyland is easily one of my all-time favorite releases - so if you haven't given his music a go, I highly recommend.

Mumford & Sons, recommended to me by DisplacedTexan, has been getting a ton of play from me lately.  I'm honestly not sure how I feel about them yet, but since they're getting multiple shots, I'm thinking they aren't half bad.  Yes, they probably qualify under the "hipster douchebag" label to some extent, but the music has some excellent hooks.

In yet another blatant plug, a good friend's band, The Strange Attractors, has a new release, Midnight at Xochil's, coming out next week.  Now, me being me, I've heard the album (though I don't take comps.  I pay for them because they're worth it.  You're welcome, Jeremy.).  If you're at all into psychedelic/garage band, there's no better band than the Attractors.

Finally, and in another blatant plug for a friend's band, most of my listening time - and it isn't close - is going to Uncle LuciusPick Your Head Up, from top to bottom, is simply an outstanding album.  Their genre is a mix of R&B and country, but it's driven by a Southern rock beat I love oh-so-much.

How about you, BRB brethren?  What's been on your play-list?

Uncle Lucius: