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Luv Ya Steel Blue: 2011 NFL Draft Edition

It is officially time to kick off 2011 NFL Draft week here on Battle Red Blog, and we're kicking it off with a new show full of lousy opinions, awful predictions and some language that would make George Carlin blush if he were still with us.

In this weeks edition of Luv Ya Steel Blue, Aaron, Patrick & myself discuss the Vonta Leach decision, go over the 2011 schedule release game by game, and even make some early predictions.

We then dive into all things NFL Draft, including our Top 10 mock drafts and who we think the Texans will take at #11 this Thursday night ,as well as who we would prefer them to take. There is also a quick slice of free agency possibilities mixed in through out the show. Aaron, who may or may not have been intoxicated, also makes it a point to prove that he is the most pessimistic man in the Texans blogosphere.

With this possibly being the last bit of non-lockout news in the NFL for quite some time, this could be the last show for a good while. So do yourself a favor and get your football fix in now. It all starts by pressing play on the fancy little embedded player below.