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Post Your Ideal First Round Pick For The Houston Texans In The 2011 NFL Draft

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For all the talk about who your Houston Texans should draft tomorrow night, the harsh truth is that the minds at Reliant Park don't give a hoot who we want. They're going to take Amobi Okoye Kareem Jackson whoever they want to take. As frustrating as it may be, the Texans don't care who you think they should draft.

I care XFINITY cares, though. Thus, consider this your forum to dream big. I'm not even going to encumber you with the yoke of being realistic. If you truly believe there's a scenario where Marcell Dareus falls to No. 11, who am I to rain on your parade? Sure, I'd prefer something approaching a realistic prediction, but if you want to dream, shine on.  Who do you want the Texans to take with that eleventh overall pick?

Alternatively, do you see any possible trade scenarios? If so, who do you want the Texans to pick with the selection(s) they hypothetically require?

Yours in the Comments, people.  I'm saving my official prediction for tomorrow.

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