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A Quick Look Back At BRB Reaction To The Last Few Texans' First Round Picks

BRB opened its virtual doors on January 22, 2007. We had our first live coverage of the draft in April of 2007, and we've kept the discourse going each draft since then. With the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft scheduled to start in less than two hours, I figured it might be both hilarious and depressing to link to the immediate reactions to your Houston Texans' first round picks in '07, '08, '09, and '10. Pour a tall glass of the household cleaning product of your choice, and jump with me.


More later, but I love this pick. Trade would have been nice, but I'll definitely take The Phenom at No. 10. Defense has gotten a lot stronger.

Man...whoever wrote that was a real moron.

2008 (Part I here, and Part II here)

Houston sent No. 18 to Baltimore and received their recently acquired first round pick (No. 26 overall), one of their third-rounders (No. 89 overall), and their sixth rounder (No. 173 overall).

It goes without saying, but I'm thrilled. Much more later...

And then...

Hmmmmm. I get that the guy is allegedly a good fit for the zone blocking system, but in the first round? With Brandon Flowers, Phillip Merling, and/or Kenny Phillips available? Unless you're hooked up to a Smithiak Kool-Aid IV drip, this raises eyebrows.

That said, remember Shake's sig line:

We can be critical of the draft picks, but in the end we always support the new Texan.

I need a(nother) drink. Discuss in the Comments below if you like.


Well, I hate this pick more than any other pick Smithiak has ever made. I hate it with the fire of a thousand suns. I hate life.

Vent as you see fit. I'm going to be catatonic until the second round.

So subtle and understated. Truly, I am a master of nuance.


Deep breath. You with me? I'm good with your Houston Texans' decision to select Alabama CB Kareem Jackson with the twentieth overall pick of the 2010 NFL Draft.

Admittedly, I was confused (and remain confused) as to why Smithiak opted for Kareem over Kyle Wilson, Devin McCourty, and/or Dan Williams. But, as it's been repeated ad nauseam, I'm an amateur. Following the Texans is a passion and/or a hobby. Rick Smith, Gary Kubiak, and the rest of management get paid to make the calls. They're in the position they're in for a reason. Remember last year? I certainly do. We needed a cornerback. We got a cornerback. If Smithiak says Kareem Jackson was the best fit for your Houston Texans at No. 20, they get the benefit of my doubt.

Plus...many of you were geeked when we fake-drafted him in the second round. If you were cool with Kareem Jackson being one of your Houston Texans' first two picks, you may still be cool with it tomorrow night. Keep the faith.

The moral of the story? First and foremost, I believe it's clear I'm an even-keeled fellow who is not at all prone to hyperbole. Second lesson: None of us really have a clue what we're talking about. The draft will take its course, and the pick will ultimately be judged by its onfield prowess, not the reaction it garners from the fans. While BRB is the perfect place for you to sound off with your thoughts (and that's what we're here for), remember that we're all Texans fans, and we'll support whoever the team takes once the 2011 season starts.

Enjoy the draft, everyone. Kerns will be leading the charge here at BRB tonight, so don't blame him when the Texans take the guy you absolutely don't want at No. 11.