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Now That You've Slept On It & Thoughts on The 2nd Round?

It's nothing new when a Texans first round pick is met with vitriol and confusion. It happens every year. But now that we have all had a little time to sleep on it and aren't quite as grumpy and unrested, what are your feelings on J. J. Watt?

Personally, I've come to be okay with it. The guy was listed as a top ten talent for a reason and plenty had him going before the Texans went on the clock. Sure, he's a Big 10 guy and yet another player from Wisconsin (Which is beginning to give Colorado State a run for its money as the Texans Minor League affiliate) and that isn't ever going to be specified as a "sexy" pick. But I'm okay with it.

More reasons, as well as my personal draft board heading into the 2nd round, after the jump.

Honestly, I never really hated the pick. I hated who was still on the board and passed on when we picked him. But I was never full of hate for the guy. We all know I was in the camp of Danny's favorite player, Robert Quinn, and I also liked Cameron Jordan a lot. And were I in charge, I would have been all over that podium for Nick Fairley. Even if he wasn't necessarily the best fit for Wade's defense. There's a reason I'm a blogger and not an NFL scout. But that doesn't detract from the truth that Watt could be a hell of a fit on this team.

I do have some questions about what will be happening with Mario & Antonio Smith though. Is one of them gone? Is Watt only going to be a situational guy? Are we going to stand Mario up and have him play some Sam?

All good questions that we may not know about until training camp. But the people calling in the radio this morning saying we drafted Watt so we could trade Mario...stop. Just stop. I don't care that he is in a contract year or any of that. Let the team worry about the financials. You don't trade a premiere pass rusher because you drafted a guy who has never played a snap in the NFL for the same position. Are you listening, Reggie Bush?

I'll leave it to MDC or Rivers to break down the X's & O's about how the front seven could line up this year. It'll make a lot more sense if they did it and I look forward to that. Even if Tim will be devastated to see Amobi not part of that unit. As he will likely be a rotational guy now, at best.

As for the 2nd round...what does your board look like? There is plenty of so-called "first round talent" still on the board. At #42, Houston has a good shot at a handful of those guys. Are you thinking linebacker? Or is now the time to go for a corner? Personally, I want a real, live safety so bad that I am praying for the team to draft Rahim Moore out of UCLA (notice the avatar change?). But I also like Brandon Harris, Aaron Williams, Stephen Paea, Akeem Ayers and others. I guess I should list Brooks Reed, just because everyone keeps saying how awesome he is. Personally, I don't see it. But I'll go with the masses on this one.

To end, here is my preference board for the time being. It is subject (likely) to change before 7pm tonight:

  1. Rahim Moore, S, UCLA
  2. Stephen Paea, DT, Oregon State
  3. Aaron Williams, CB, Texas
  4. Akeem Ayers, LB, UCLA
  5. Justin Houston, LB/DE, Georgia (I could care less about him smokin' the reefer. Guy can ball)
  6. Brandon Harris, CB, Miami
  7. Da'Quan Bowers, DE, Clemson (off of pure value, but does seem like a wasted pick here)
  8. Brooks Reed, LB, Arizona
  9. Bruce Carter, LB, North Carolina
  10. Ras-I Dowling, CB, Virginia (How do you pronounce his name, exactly?)
How about you? Thoughts on Watt & what does your board look like? Hit the comments below!

Oh! And one more thing...can we please not hear the Jason Babin comparisons every time we draft a white player? It's past getting old already. 

/climbs off soap box