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2011 NFL Draft Thread - Round 2 v.Wrap-up

Happy happy. Joy joy. That's how I would best describe my evening. And note the lack of the sarcasm font. I love the Brooks Reed pick, even if certain people, let's call them Rivers M - no, wait, that's too obvious - R. McCown - don't. I've long looked down upon taking Brandon Harris, but if we set expectations that he's a nickel CB and no more, the trade up for him was dastardly.

The Texans have gone all-in to improve the defense. We have a new scheme, we have at least three new names on defense, and we have, dare I say, a little hope we might not be the worst defense in NFL history in 2011. I still don't like the JJ Watt pick, but I can be a jerk that way. If we kick him inside to NT, I will be happy and do a little dance. Most of all, this is a team that's shaping up to be one that wants to get to the QB. If I had any feelings, I'd cry about right now.

This is your post Day 2 Open Thread for draft thoughts. Let it shine.