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With The Ninth Pick Of The 2011 BRB Mock Draft, The Dallas Cowboys Select...

I apologize for the misleading headline of this post. Everyone knows there's no such animal as a "Dallas Cowboy." They're the "Arlington Cowboys." Nevertheless, I am Ironman!!! announces the selection and rationale for his beloved fictional team after the jump.

As an acknowledged Cowboys/Texans fan, I will say that I know the Cowboys. What they run, how they tick (except for Jerry), and most importantly, what they need. Now, I could go several ways here. Dallas needs some help with the pass rush, they could use a new CB/FS, and they need some good O-line talent.

I was hoping that Von Miller or Patrick Peterson fell to #9 (yeah, like that was going to happen) to make my choice very easy. However, that didn't happen. The CB depth in this draft is very good, and the D-line depth is excellent, so there is no need to reach for J.J. Watt or Cameron Jordan, neither of whom I feel comfortable with at #9. That leaves only one option--offensive line.

Yet this is a weak class for OT, and all the depth is just that--depth, in that there are very few players capable of coming in and starting. So I will take the best tackle on the board. The pick is Tyron Smith (LT--USC). He is somewhat of a project if you are looking for a left tackle to immediately start. Dallas isn't. We have one already, and his name is Doug Free.

Why am I drafting Smith? For multiple reasons:

1. Doug Free is already 26 years old. At most he has 5-6 years left before he will need to be replaced.
2. Tyron Smith is 20 years old, which means that by the time Free needs to be replaced, Smith will be 25-26 years old and in the prime of his career.
3. Smith is a two-year starter at RT for USC, has great measurables, and has good technique. The only real knock up to this point has been his weight and strength, which I believe he has proved is a non-issue.
4. Not only would drafting Smith be an upgrade over Marc Colombo, but considering that Alex Barron was the primary swing tackle last year, Smith could easily take over that role as well, thus saving a roster spot.

Reaction? Here's a quick recap of the draft thus far:

1. Carolina--Cam Newton (QB--Auburn)
2. Denver--Patrick Peterson (CB--LSU)
3. Buffalo--Marcell Dareus (DT--Alabama)
4. Cincinnati--Von Miller (OLB/DE--Texas A&M)
5. Arizona--A.J. Green (WR--Georgia)
6. Cleveland--Da'Quan Bowers (DE--Clemson)
7. San Francisco--Robert Quinn (LB--North Carolina)
8. Tennessee--Nick Fairley (DT--Auburn)
9. Southern Oklahoma--Tyron Smith (OT--USC)

The Redskins, via their front office triumvirate of HoustonTransplant, Rip Jersey, and Cut Block, are now on the clock.