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2011 NFL Draft Open Thread -- Late Rounds (Mk. I)

Good morning sweet potatoes.  Welcome to the final day of the NFL Draft. I'll be guiding you along on this day with a spring in my step, mainly because trading that fifth round pick away gave me one less person to have to write about and I (along with TexansDC) have been plugging away at posts on SB Nation Houston to the tune of 40+ posts a day. Speaking of that, feel free to use SB Nation Houston to supplement your coverage today, as Diehard Chris takes the reins to deliver what will surely be a sterling performance.

Anyway, here's a gander at the four picks (for now) that the Texans have in store for us today:

Fourth round - 105th overall
Sixth round - 178th overall
Seventh round - 214th overall
Seventh round - 254th overall (Mr. Irrelevant)

Behind the jump a few different ideas about where they may want to go with No. 105.

My first preference, seeing as how it's noted that I am a terrible person for not being completely sold on Brooks Reed's pass rushing (and that I don't want to rely on players coming back from injury) would be to solidify the linebacker corps. Chris Carter out of Fresno State is probably my favorite player left on the board, so he could be a nice fit here. Sam Acho could also be a potential fit as well. As could Mark Herzlich as a potential inside guy.

One of the deepest positions in the draft, in the words of one Rick Smith, is running back. With Steve Slaton on the outs and the Ben Tate/Derrick Ward combo profiling more as power backs, I could see the Texans going with someone like Taiwan Jones or Jacquizz Rodgers in the fourth and explaining that away by saying they selected him as a third-down back/kick returner. I wouldn't be completely in favor of it, mind you, just not too surprised.

Safety was really decimated in the third round, but TexanDC's mancrush Quinton Carter is still on the board and a possibility. Quite a few corners slipped that the Draft Pundit community were high on, including Utah's Brandon Burton and New Mexico State's Davon House

It's a little early to go projecting the sixth rounder at this point, but you've got to think that the Texans will go BPA there. I'm rooting hard for one of my favorite wide receivers to be around at that point, whether it's Denarius Moore of Tennessee, Dwayne Harris of East Carolina, or Aldrick Robinson out of SMU. Other possible positions to draft would include offensive line and nose t...nose? t...nose tackle? What are those?

So keep it here throughout the afternoon as the Texans conclude the 2011 NFL Draft and I will keep The Simpsons references flowing. 

(Several tight end jokes were backspaced over during the writing of this post.)