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Derek Newton Is The Newest Texan!

"Derek Newton, eh? Well, I just have one question. What kind of Derek Newton is filled with rambunctious yahoos and hot jazz music at 1 PM?"
" damn Derek Newton in town?"

Newton will likely fill the developmental tackle slot that was previously occupied by Steve Manieri, who was lost to the Patriots after being waived during the last preseason. Cole Pemberton, you better watch your back! Should Rashad Butler actually be granted free agency, it's possible that Newton could get into the race to be the Texans swing tackle. Lets hope not, because he probably needs a bit of development time with NFL coaches before he's ready. 

For Arkansas State, Newton was a Second Team All-Sun Belt Selection in 2009 as a junior, and a First Team All-Sun Belt Selection in 2010. He's regarded as a quick mover who should fit in well in a zone blocking scheme. Shocker, I know. His biggest weakness is probably his short arms. Some see him as a candidate for guard because of this.

Thoughts, BRB?