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T.J. Yates Is The Newest Texan!

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"I don't need a T.J. Yates. I'm a straight A student!"
"Matt, T.J..'s got something you can't learn in grade school. Zazz!"
"What is 'zazz'?"
"Zing! Zork! Kapowza! Call it what you want, in any language it spells mazuma in the bank!"
"'Zork'? What is 'zork'?"

Kubes finally has his developmental quarterback as the Texans selected North Carolina QB T.J. Yates with their second fifth round pick today. Yates, who started 45 games in four years for the Tar Heels, threw for 9,377 yards and 58 touchdowns over his college career.

The Texans will likely look to have him be the third QB this season, which should mean that either Matt Leinart or Dan Orlovsky move on for greener pastures. Which one it is will likely depend on the shape of the new CBA. If Leinart is a restricted free agent, Orlovsky will likely be gone. Whereas if Leinart is allowed to choose his place of business next year, the Texans will likely stick with Orlovsky.