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Top 10 Texans Draft Busts - #10: David Carr

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Greetings, my dearest BRB faithful.  For the next four weeks (or so), I'll be doing a series on the Top 10 Busts and Successes in Texans draft history.  This series should bring back a lot of not-so-fond and occasionally hazy memories of players of yore.  My 10th biggest bust in franchise history is Mr. Mittens himself, David Carr.

Many of you are likely asking yourselves, "David Carr is only the 10th worst?  bfd, you handsome devil you, surely you've forgotten his atrocious play."  No, dear reader, I haven't.  From Day One, Carr was a horrible prospect, "blessed" with a poor throwing motion and a terrible lack of downfield accuracy.  In later years, Carr's ability to "turtle" (duck and cover) with no pass rushers near him was legendary.  Worst of all, Carr's work ethic was questioned from the outset.  Over the years, I heard constant rumbling from definitely knowledgeable sources on Carr's lack of football interest, especially in learning the playbook.  Carr finished his Texans' career with 13,391 yards, 59 TDs, 65 INTs, 22 fumbles lost, and an incredibly impressive 249 sacks.

However, was Carr's failure the chicken or the egg?  Charley Casserly, now somehow amazingly an analyst for the NFL Network, made an absolutely dumbfounding move in even drafting Carr in the first place.  I don't know how many times I've mentioned this over the years, but I'm an inside-out guy when it comes to building a football team.  Drafting Carr was stupid, period.

Thus, Carr gets a bit of a break in this situation.  No, I seriously doubt Carr would've ever lived up to his #1 overall or even his first round pick pedigree, but Casserly put him in a situation to fail.  Also, Charley Casserly sucks.  If you're ever feeling down about yourself, just put on NFL Network and watch Casserly, who's proof that failing upward is completely possible.

Next three picks after Carr: Julius Peppers, Carolina; Joey Harrington, Detroit Lions; Mike Williams, Buffalo Bills.

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