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Top 10 Texans Draft Busts - #8: Anthony Hill

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Why?  For crikey's sake, why did we feel the need to draft Anthony Hill in the 4th round in 2009?  Of course, there are no guarantees in the 4th round, but in the 5th round, we drafted a superior prospect, and actual contributor, in TE James Casey.  Did I mention we already had a healthy Owen Daniels and Joel Dreessen on the team before these two picks?  No?  Jump with me to beat some dead horses.

Some picks just, by definition, lack common sense.  Hill was picked because the team struggled at the goal line in 2008.  The assumption, then, would be that a freaking blocking tight end would be the answer to that particular problem.  For a team like the Texans, taking such a myopic specialist was asinine, one compounded just a few picks later when Casey was drafted.

This creates a wee bit roster construction problem.  Do you carry four TEs, one that is a blocking specialist?  Or do you carry ANYTHING FREAKING ELSE THAN A DAMN 4TH TIGHT END.  Breathe, bfd, breathe.  OK, I'm better.

Obviously, the drafting TE thing has become even more fun as we drafted Garrett Graham and Dorin Dickerson last year (Dickerson, at least, makes more sense at WR).  To date, Hill has the same number of penalties against as he does receptions, ACL reconstructions, and cases of swine flu:  One.

I know it might seem unfair to pick on a 4th rounder, but everything about this pick, from the alleged "logic" behind it to the performance to the multitude of TE jokes it's spawned makes this an easy target for me.

Next three picks after Hill: Rich Ohrenberger, New England Patriots; Louis Murphy, Oakland Raiders; Lawrence Sidbury, Atlanta Falcons.

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