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With The Twelfth Pick Of The 2011 BRB Mock Draft, The Minnesota Vikings Select...

In between watching highlights from the newest Texan's final collegiate season and renaming his dog "Prince" purely so he could begin kicking him in good conscience, AllenOU found time to draft for the Vikings. Here's a clue as to who he picked: It wasn't Jason White.

I have been following the Vikings since they drafted Purple Jesus. Now that Brett Favre is FINALLY gone, along with Brad Childress, I can finally watch them without cursing. I prioritize their needs to be at three main positions, with those being QB, LT, and FS. The uncertainty of Sidney Rice also leaves them with a possible need at WR, and you can NEVER have too many defensive lineman in today’s NFL, especially with the fact they have some key free agents like Ray Edwards and are getting older at those positions.

I’m going to focus on the QB position and you will see why in a second. Currently on the roster we have Joe Webb, Tarvaris Jackson, and some asshole named Rhett Bomar. I guess you could do worse than one year of Jackson (David Carr or VYgina), but this team desperately needs a franchise QB. With Newton and Locker (surprisingly) gone, do they go take Blaine Gabbert, or go with a second round guy like Christian Ponder or Andy Dalton, or wait until next year’s draft to shore up the position? I think Ryan Mallett would be a good fit, but not at 12. I also think they should try and trade with Philly for Kevin Kolb by swapping firsts and giving up a third.

The other option they might have is their choice of the second-best OT in the draft. They could draft Nate Solder, which would allow them to move the aging Bryant McKinnie over to RT, but I’m not sold on him as a top 20 pick.

So with that being said, with the 12th pick in the BRB mock draft, the Minnesota Vikings select Blaine Gabbert (QB--Missouri). I think the Vikings would be doing cartwheels if this were to actually happen and wouldn’t be able to get the pick in fast enough.

Gabbert has the ideal size, arm, and intangibles to succeed at the next level. He has been killing his interviews from the reports I’m reading, which makes it even crazier that he is still available in this spot. If the draft were to shake out like this, I can't see any way that the Vikings could pass on what some experts declare to be the #1 QB in the 2011 draft. The fact that he played at Missouri in a "dink and dunk" offense could scare some teams away, but he has a very high ceiling IMO and only scratched the surface of his potential while (getting pounded by Oklahoma) at Missouri.

Blaine Gabbert gets to leave the virtual green room with visions of Rashard Lewis dancing in his head. Your reaction? 

And with that, the Detroit Lions, via RedWolf333, are now on the clock.