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Reminder: Deadline For BRB Applications Is Friday

Since last week's solicitation for new writers here at BRB, we've been fortunate to receive several excellent submissions. If you're interested and haven't yet e-mailed me your entry, the deadline to do so is Friday, May 13th at 11 p.m. CDT. Don't be shy. No decisions have been made, and no decisions will be made until after all submissions are in. In all likelihood, we'll be notifying the entrants of our decision sometime between Sunday and Tuesday.

To further pique your interest, I've decided to add more than just one writer. Further details await after the jump.

That's right. Instead of just adding a single new voice to BRB, we're going to add two. Consequently, that's twice as many openings as we originally contemplated, so the odds of you being chosen to be in charge of the lighting at Kerns' weekly "Ben Tate Poetry Jam" write here just went up exponentially.

Get those entries in!