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Final Reminder: Deadline For BRB Writer Contest Is 11 p.m. CDT Tonight

Eight hours. That's all the time you have left to get an "application" e-mailed to me (click my name at the top of this post for my address) if you're interested in becoming a featured writer here at BRB. We've got two openings on the "staff" here, and I promise that every submission will be read and discussed before any decisions are made. A quick primer on the parameters of all entries is beyond the jump.

From last week's request:

If you're interested in writing for BRB, please draft a post on anything Texans-related and e-mail it to me (my address can be found by clicking on my name at the top of this post). The post can be centered on your opinion about how the 2011 NFL Draft went for the Texans. It can be an analysis of Rick Smith's track record in free agency. It can be a breakdown of how you think Wade Phillips will fill the 3-4 with the roster as currently constructed. It can be an ode to Matt Schaub's receding hairline. Really, it can be anything, as long as it's original and relates to your Houston Texans.

Before you start writing what I'm sure will be the most insightful thing I've ever read about some aspect of the Texans, a few requirements of the gig should be discussed:

1. I can't promise you any money for writing here. There may be some advertising campaign revenue associated with the gig in the future, and I'd be glad to talk about that in greater detail via e-mail if you like. But understand that for the immediate future, BRB is purely pro bono. Any remuneration would likely come via a free official BRB t-shirt me picking up your drinks at the next BRB gathering.

2. Keep the profanity to a minimum. I understand that there will be times when it's necessary, but I want to continue to do our best to keep this site off the workplace-ban list.

3. Although there's no hard and fast rule for the number of posts you'd have to author each week, I would like to see the newest member of our dysfunctional family commit to putting up at least two, and preferably three, pieces per week. If you submit an entry, please do so with the knowledge that you'd be on the proverbial hook for two-plus posts each week.

4. Punctuation, spelling, grammar, and all those sorts of things matter. While we have the capability of editing posts, it's no fun to have to rewrite or excessively correct things that are capable of being caught before a post is published. I humbly beseech you to proofread your entry.

Sieze the moment! Write something Texans-related, e-mail it to me, and you could be the recipient of internet immortality weekly updates about MDC's progress through a groundbreaking and intense voice-deepening program daily screeds of criticism about Amobi Okoye that are really just pathetic attempts to hide my lack of emotional development photographic proof that Scott really does exist internet immortality!