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Sunday Night SBNH Link Round-Up

With Rivers now doing most of his posting at SBN Houston, and Chris Watkins (aka DiehardChris) doing an absolutely bang-up job on the weekends, we're hopefully going to start a tradition of posting the best SBNH links at the end of the week.  Also, if you aren't checking SBNH on a daily basis, you are missing something.  For realz.  Links after the jump.

Crank Calling the Commish

DeMeco Ryans' Return

Earl Mitchell as Jay Ratliff?

Wade Phillips Leaving His Mark (ed: I'm guessing it's a Little Debbie smudge)

Texans Regime Isn't Building to Win

Finally, in my favorite post of the weekend, the Astros are SOOOOooooooo bad, they can't even catch a guy who runs onto the field.  That's pretty sucky.