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Checking The Pulse: Nnamdi Asomugha And The Houston Texans - Go For It Or Target Someone Realistic?

If you like seeing All-Pro cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha and your Houston Texans linked together, then Monday was a treat for you. Yesterday, there were no less than four articles talking about the idea of Asomugha in Houston. One from ESPN's John Clayton, one from the Houston Chronicle (it is such an obvious great move that even the Chronicle gang can get behind it), one from's Paul Kuharsky, and one from a smart fellow on SB Nation Houston. There was even one this weekend from The Examiner's Alan Burge.

I know that a poll about if Houston should chase him would easily show a "yes" from the fan base, so I'll change up the question. It's a simple one: Should Houston target the All-Pro cornerback when/if free agency starts or should they lower their sights on someone who is not as good but more realistic? Since I gave my opinion in the linked article above, I won't throw them in below a jump. However, feel free to explain your vote in the comments as we continue to wait for this NFL Lockout to be over and done with.