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Battle Red Link Roundup: Chicken Little Asomugha Edition

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As has become usual in our 24/7 news cycle, sometimes all you need to do to become a quoted source is have tenure, regardless of how few stories you actually break. Thus, making the rounds yesterday was the "story" that Lil Dickie Justice, Age 12's "source" thinks that Nnamdi Asomugha doesn't have any interest in playing for the Texans. Nnamdi probably shouldn't have any interest in being a Texan unless they outbid everyone for his services--that doesn't mean that LDJA12's anonymously sourced throwaway line needs to become a national story.

--Paul Kuharsky looks at the AFC South's sophomore jump candidates, and concludes that Earl Mitchell has the opportunity to fulfill that promise. Personally, I'd rather he eat enough that he can't jump.

--Fourth rounder Roc Carmichael is the subject of not one, but two pieces. A full feature in The Washington Post and a podcast done over at The Mothership. Unfortunately, we didn't learn why bappin' isn't easy. CBS Sports' Rob Rang likes all three of the defensive backs the Texans picked in the draft to be good fits.

--Mario Williams was ranked as the 71st best player in the NFL by his peers in The NFL Network's Top 100. He's probably more talented than that ranking, but I can understand it, given the injuries and poor defenses he dealt with last season.

--Pro Football Focus published a list of safeties that looks at missed tackles. Both the good and the bad. Ex-Texan C.C. Brown led the league by missing a tackle every 4.5 attempts. I can only guess that Eugene Wilson was not close enough to any players last year to attempt tackles per PFF's system.

--John McClain is daydreaming about what Texans OTAs would look like, if the Texans were having them. Poor Cal McNair and his inheritance! I'm crushed that he hypothetically lost it!

--McClain also talked to a pair of frustrated Texans in Eric Winston and Joel Dreessen. Reminder to players (and owners, for that matter): Nobody cares about your PR battle but you. If you're not going to work it out without court proceedings, kindly shut up. Peter King also talked to Winston about those pesky players and their lack of self-control.