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React: What Were Your Favorite And Least Favorite Picks Of The Texans' 2011 Draft?

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I'll have a much more detailed look at what your Houston Texans did in the 2011 NFL Draft within the next day or so, but in the meantime...what was your favorite and/or least favorite pick in the Texans' 2011 draft class?

My candidates await your scorn after the jump.

Without question, my favorite pick of the Texans' latest class is Brandon Harris. I will neither confirm nor deny that I engaged in a vigorous fist pump after the Texans traded back into the second round to grab him. In a perfect world, Harris earns snaps as the nickel corner in a revamped secondary this year. In the most imperfect version of that world, he's Brice McCain, Jr. and sends me further down the road to a liver transplant.  For now, though, a man can dream.  Oh, and please in no way take the preceding paragraph as any sort of endorsement of the Texans going into the 2011 season without signing a veteran defensive back who can start at CB and/or FS.  Harris, Shiloh Keo, and Roc Carmichael are nifty and all, but the Houston defense still needs a lot of help, especially in the secondary.

On the flip side of that cable box coin, I suppose I'd have to say that my least favorite member of the 2011 Houston draft class is Brooks Reed. All the Clay Matthews comparisons ring hollow to me, as they seem to be far more strongly rooted in hair length than anything else. Additionally, I'm always wary of players changing positions when they join the professional ranks, and spending a second-round draft pick on a player who seemed to test better at the NFL Combine than he played gives me pause. All that said, I certainly don't hate the pick, and I do harbor hope that Reed will work out at OLB for the Texans.

What say you, BRB? Who's your favorite and/or least favorite 2011 Texans draftee?

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