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BRB Notice: Detente (Must-Read)

As much as I've tried to let things be, the time has come for me to address an unpleasantness that's been growing here on BRB. I hoped that said unpleasantness would be something that was resolved organically, but it's become increasingly clear that I need to take a more active role in the process.

Soooooooo...let's talk about BigBlueShoe, a/k/a Brad Wells (proprietor of SB Nation's site on the Indianapolis Colts, Stampede Blue, and editor of SB Nation Indiana).

As a result of Brad's posts and/or interaction with others, be it on Stampede Blue, Mocking The Draft, BRB, or other sites, he's managed to alienate a sizable contingent of people. Many of those people are Texans fans who contribute to the awesome community we have here at BRB. Many are Colts fans who, angered by Brad's conduct, have boycotted any site to which Brad contributes; oddly enough, those displaced Colts fans have become valued members of our community, AFC South rivalry be damned. Some are fans of other teams who have observed Brad being Brad and have subsequently jumped into the fray. Regardless of fan allegiance, it's safe to say that in at least one way, Brad has been a uniter, not a divider.

Look, I get it. Many people loathe Brad. Likewise, I understand that Brad loathes a lot of people. Neither of those positions is likely to change anytime soon. What we--you, me, and Brad--can do is respect the fact that all parties are secure in their stance(s). Knowing that, it makes little sense to continue sniping about Brad. It's not productive, and it adds nothing to the debate. At some point, we have to accept reality.

To that end, I'm asking all of you to refrain from attacking, criticizing, or even mentioning Brad Wells/BigBlueShoe anymore here on BRB, whether it be on the main page, in FanShots, in FanPosts (including but not limited to the AFC South Open Threads), in the comments to any post, or anywhere else on BRB. I think the only way we can assure this will happen is to install a complete moratorium on any mention of Brad Wells, BigBlueShoe, or any other creative alias you might be inclined to foist upon him.

In my conversations with the SB Nation brass, I've been assured that this proposed cease-fire will NOT be a one-way street. To that end, Brad won't be stopping by BRB anymore, nor will he disparage any of you anywhere else on the SB Nation network. Should he violate this agreement, there will be consequences, beginning with me--the guy who doesn't ban anyone except spammers--banning him from BRB.

Many of you have e-mailed various SB Nation higher-ups about Brad; rest assured, they are aware of the problem, and they're monitoring the situation. I have personally spoken to people about Brad, and I am confident that they are not taking Brad's behavior lightly.

That does not mean, however, that Brad will be removed from his duties running/moderating Stampede Blue, SB Nation Indiana, and/or Mocking The Draft. While that's subject to change (just like it's subject to change for any SB Nation writer), Brad's not getting fired right now. Consequently, continuing to call for his head via e-mails to the SB Nation brass is not likely to garner the result you desire.

To summarize: Please refrain from mentioning or alluding to Brad Wells on BRB. If you do mention Brad, you'll get a warning from me and your comment will be deleted. If you do it a second time, more drastic measures may be pursued. In exchange for your help in this endeavor, I promise you that Brad will no longer drag your name(s) through the mud on any SB Nation sites, and he'll never comment again on BRB. The next time I see a comment from Brad Wells/BigBlueShoe on this site, it'll be the last; he'll be banned immediately.

As always, thank you for your time and consideration. You folks make BRB one of the best communities around, and no amount of words can describe how grateful I am for that. If you'd like to ask any additional questions, or if you'd like to continue this conversation, please do not hesitate to e-mail me.