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Know Thine Enemy - Indianapolis Colts

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2,500 years ago, a Chinese warrior named Sun Tzu said, "Know your enemy and know yourself, find naught to fear in 100 battles."  One of his lesser-known sayings, oddly enough, is "How in the name of Buddha does Frank Bush keep finding work?"  But that's neither here nor there. 

Since we Texans fans seem to have a pretty good understanding of our own strengths and weaknesses (insert obligatory "bring Asomugha to Houston, Rick" comment here), I thought it would be a good idea to look at what changes are going on with our division rivals, and what impact those changes could have for the Texans.

Sound good?  Then let's take a jump and find out what's going on with the Indianapolis Colts.

Nate Dunlevy of muses about some potential areas of concern for the Colts.

Jacob Crocker over at Coltzilla did a write-up on the Colts' first-round pick Anthony Castonzo.  Apparently, Castonzo was the most "pro-ready" tackle in the draft.  Yes, the same kind of "pro-ready" that Kareem Jackson was supposed to be. also has an article on second round pick, Villanova offensive lineman Ben Ijalana.  Personally, I don't see the problem.  I thought Ryan Diem and company were doing a fine job.

Dunlevy goes into detail about what's expected from
former LSU defensive tackle Drake Nevis.

According to the Indianapolis Star, there is a lot of turnover among the Colts' coaching staff.  I think the absence of offensive line coach Howard Mudd is really going to be felt next year with two new starters on the line.

Peyton Manning
just had his second neck surgery in 15 months.  Paul Kuharsky has some medical questions to ask about Manning's neck.  15 months seems like a short span between surgeries, I would think.  But Peyton should just retire and not push his luck (H/T to TDC for finding the story).