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The Battle Red Bag Needs Your Help

Late last week, MDC asked all of us to send him questions for a new feature we're trying to start here at BRB. The "Battle Red Bag" (or whatever we attempt to cleverly name it) has high comedic potential, but we need your help.

Send MDC ( some questions or observations you'd like to see answered in a weekly mailbag. The questions don't have to be about your Houston Texans, though Texans-related questions or observations are certainly welcome.

As MDC noted in his original post, however, BRB's poorly conceived attempt at a mailbag "will be open to more or less any topic." That's an awfully wide net that I'm positive we'll regret casting, so take advantage of it. If this works, it'll become a weekly post here.

C'mon. Your questions or comments, coupled with MDC's measured and totally benign responses. This could become very funny rather quickly.