Tidbits from Texans Chat: KJax strength & weakness, WR plan, FB backup plan, and Jason Allen's position

There were some interesting things to come from the latest chat with Texans' lead writer Nick Scurfield, including thoughts on:

  • What Vance Joseph identifies as Kareem Jackson's strength and weakness
  • Whether the Texans will target a WR in Free Agency
  • Where Jason Allen will play
  • Backup plans in case Vonta Leach isn't resigned


Comment From JBinATX I see you interviewed Vance Joseph. Does he see in our current DBs any similarities between them and others he's coached in the past? or was that a question that has been asked of him?

Nick Scurfield: I didn't bring that up with him, but he did have a lot of interesting things to say about the current DBs. He has watched every game from last season 5 times and has watched every practice going back through training camp. He said that Kareem Jackson is a very good zone player who needs a lot of work on his man-to-man technique. He also said that Brice McCain was one of the Texans' better 1-on-1 players and likes his speed


Comment From raymond you think texans will go after WR in free agent time whenever it starts, will randy moss or plaxico be targeted? im pretty sure plaxico will be very affordable

Nick Scurfield: If Jacoby Jones ends up going elsehwere as a restricted free agent, I think they'd almost certainly sign somebody. Regardless, I'd think an undrafted free agent would be more likely than an aging veteran
Comment From Austin Is James Casey really interested in being a FB? I would think he would not want to play that position due to the pounding their bodies take.
Nick Scurfield: I talk to James a lot during the season, and I know that he wants to get on the field however he can. He'd probably be more of an H-back/receiving tight end than a punishing lead blocker like Leach. He has played some fullback for the Texans already, and he could give you a whole lot of versatility lining up in the backfield and motioning out in the flat

Comment From Hogan Do you feel Jason Allen did a well enough job to start at corner this year?


Nick Scurfield: I think he did well enough to be in the conversation. He has by far the most experience of anybody in the secondary, for one thing. Vance Joseph is excited to see what he can do playing solely at corner since he has bounced between safety and corner his entire career. They think he's got talent and needs more reps at corner in the offseason