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Can Arian Foster Improve In 2011? Yes, He Can.

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Arian Foster can improve his game.

If you are a defensive coordinator for any of the Houston Texans' opponents on the 2011 NFL schedule, that is a scary and slightly disturbing thought.

We all know what the All-Pro running back did last year, but a reminder never hurt anyone: Foster had a league-leading 1,616 rushing yards, 604 receiving yards on 66 receptions, and 18 all-purpose touchdowns. How can he top that?

ProFootballFocus, the target of bfd’s statistic love, has been running articles on receiving target drops. This morning they addressed running back drops, where they made note that Foster’s five dropped passes were among the league-low for backs (although five drops on 71 catchable passes kept him 19th overall…right around the middle of the pack).

I know what you’re thinking. "TDC, five drops is nothing when you look at the big picture! Why make such a note of this?" It’s because five drops is far too many for a running back who often catches passes in the flats. It’s because five drops is second to Jacoby Jones’ team-leading eight drops. Mainly, it’s because Arian Foster CAN be better, which is something to be excited about in this incredibly dull off-season.

I certainly don’t speak for the rest of the fan base, but I believe The Master of the Namaste will not be a one-year wonder. He’s made for the zone-blocking scheme and gotten the approval that he is the clear-cut number one guy (who won’t be saddled in a two-back system). How can a 24-year old with his work ethic and chip-on-the-shoulder attitude not improve? I would go so far as to project a 2011 season where he gains 2,000+ total offensive yards and scores 15+ all-purpose touchdowns, so long as he avoids any injuries.

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