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Underrated Texans Center Chris Myers Getting Recognition Today

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Earlier today on SB Nation Houston, I talked about Pro Football Focus’ pass protection rankings. Your Houston Texans were ranked eighth in the NFL on keeping ol’ Matt Schaub clean. 

In the article, which you can click and read here, I remarked that it wasn’t surprising that PFF praised Houston’s interior line. PFF has heaped tons of praise on guard Wade Smith and, to a lesser extent, center Chris Myers. It seems like today is Chris Myers’ day because ESPN’s John Clayton also has some kind words about the center.

Clayton revealed his highly anticipated All-Underrated Team today. Who was his starting center, you ask as if you can’t guess it already as I use this cliché method of revealing? Why it was none other than the former Ragdoll himself – Chris Myers.

Both Clayton and [ AFC South blogger] Paul Kuharsky note that scouts tell them Myers is underrated and good at what Kubiak and his offensive coordinator ask him to do. One bad replay aside, I tend to agree. Myers isn’t going to bulldoze anyone, but he’s as good as anyone in the middle (not named Nick Mangold). Like most Texans linemen, Myers is a highly effective screen blocker. The Texans excelled in runs up the middle and Myers, off the top of my head since I don't have PFF access, generally doesn't allow too many guys to get in Schaub's face. All in all, Myers is not recognized enough for his play in the middle.

Being the Internet, we simply can't just agree with what the media says. We have to ask the question: Do you, faithful Texans fan who watches every single game, think Myers is even the most underrated player on the team?  Or is someone else deserving of that title?