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Know Thine Enemy - Tennessee Titans

I suppose it's fitting that this should come on the heels of an NBA Finals where pretty much everybody was enjoying the failure of one LeBron "Princess" James (H/T to TDC for the new LeBron nickname).  Because, let's be honest here, when it comes to hatred; I mean big-time, deep-seated, massive, borderline-psychotic collective hatred, no other team comes remotely close to the magnitude of contempt that Texans fans have for the Tennessee Titans and their scumbag owner, K. S. Adams (I refuse to call him Bud because he ain't my Bud).

This year's theme for the BE-SFs Traitors Titans is "overhauling."  The team is going through some changes in the coaching staff, a new rookie quarterback, and some troubles with the law.  Let's take a jump and find out how those changes will affect our Texans.

The Titans drafted a new quarterback with the 8th overall pick, Washington's Jake Locker.  But is he ready to start for them whenever the season begins?  Music City Miracles has broken down Jake Locker's performance against Oregon State in two separate posts (Part Two can be found here).  Or will the Titans rely on the "trusty" arm of Kerry Collins?  I'd pick option "C" in this case:  Rusty Smith!!

The coaching staff for the Titans has been completely transformed.  Surprising to just about nobody, there are a lot of former Oilers on the coaching staff, such as Jerry Gray, who takes over defensive coordinator duties from Chuck Cecil, and offensive assistant Bruce Matthews.  Some names are familiar to Texans fans, like former clipboard holder and Titans wide receivers coach Dave Ragone and new offensive coordinator Chris Palmer (who is expected to help Locker improve his accuracy).  While it's easy to joke about how he did such an awesome job with David Carr while he was here and Tim Couch when he was head coach in Cleveland, he does have some success with quarterbacks who weren't total crap, such as Mark Brunell and Eli Manning.  Also on the Titans staff is former Texans defensive coordinator Frank Bush.  I have no punchline to add here.

Oh, Kenny, Kenny, Kenny, why can't you stay out of trouble with the law?  In case you haven't heard, Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt was arrested earlier for resisting arrest just one day after pleading out on another charge.  And now there's news that Britt has two outstanding warrants out for his arrest and Nashville Police are looking for him.  Once the lockout ends, this has to be good for, at minimum, a four game suspension from Roger Goodell.