Houston Texans History: The Story Of BESFs

Joe Robbins

Ed. Note: This FanPost was first published in June of 2011 by Ms. Stradley. Given the opponent this week, we figured it was time to dust it off and re-publish it in the event there was a Texans fan unaware of its existence. Enjoy.

I must confess that every single time I read the acronyms BESF*, and BE-SF at Battle Red Blog, it brings me tremendous joy.

I don't like to hate things. But I am still traumatized by the 4th largest city in America losing their football team. Just think, if Bud Adams had any sort of social skills whatsoever, he could have kept his team in a city that has the second highest number of Fortune 500 companies in the nation and could just print money. Glad he's gone, but that was just a very terrible time in our city's history.

The story behind the BESF video comes from a poster on the message board name "Overalls." He liked to trash talk trolling Titans message board posters telling them that their team was appropriately named after the inbred children of Uranus. The best trash talk is always true.

In any event, the year I made the video, I was pretty sure that the Texans were going to lose to the Titans. It's no fun writing a blog post when you are pretty certain your team is going to lose, so I started thinking of ideas of what I could post. I decided that no matter what the result of that particular game in that particular year, the Titans would always have a stupid flying meatball logo, the worst, most-repulsive name in all of sport, and vulgarian Bud Adams as their owner until he kicked it.

At this time, AOL Sports' FanHouse still existed, and for that readership, I had a lot of Titans fans who would post snide comments my general direction, so I wanted to put something lasting and pointy-sticked together. Something that could be found all over the internet no matter what team the Titans played.

Over Thanksgiving, I was hanging out at my parents' house in San Antonio with family in from all over Texas. And we were bored waiting for the turkey to be ready. I told my brothers what sort of video I want to shoot, and they were all in because they like doing silly creative things too.

We gathered a variety of my niece's toys to shoot the video, and we shot it in my parent's bedroom. (They do not have a basement despite blogger stereotypes).

Someday, I will have to do a Director's Cut of the video if I can find the raw footage. The outtakes were indescribably hilarious. I was holding the camera, and I kept shaking it because I was laughing so much at some of the stuff my brothers were doing. It got rather X-rated in bits, and I was trying to make it okay enough that the no-cuss-word folks at AOL would let me post it.

Here it is:

Not only did AOL post it, but they repeatedly promo'd it because my editors then were very cool, and it got tons of comments from irate Titans fans. (It used to be hosted on AOL's video service before I switched the video to the YouTubes).

The sad thing about old FanHouse shutting down is that the comments are lost to history. They were hilarious variations of Titan fans saying "Don't you know that Nashville is the Athens of the South," and me responding, "Well, ew, you named your team after inbred, child-eating, mother-brother-sister fornicating children of Uranus who were ultimately defeated. Aren't there any Greek myths that are less disgusting?"

Yeah, not very mature but terribly fun.

Fortunately, my all time favorite comment from Titan fan lady still exists on the YouTubes:

"This doesn't even belong on the internet. It appears that the child who made this video should be doing homework instead of fantasizing over an unsavory and perverse subject that has nothing to do with the NFL's best team. Perhaps this kid's parents need to ground him and confiscate the video cam. Someday, maybe this misguided and obviously unsupervised child will see how this kind of nonsense does nothing but point out how desperately he needs attention and help. Titans are 4-0. Enough said."

Hahahahahahahahaha. Response: "It's Greek history. If you have a problem with the video, maybe you should blame the ancient Greeks or Bud Adams who named his football team after such an "unsavory and perverse" myth."

Since it was first put on the web, I've seen it in all sorts of random places, like Ravens and Chargers message boards. And it was created prior to Twitter and Facebook really taking so it still has room to find other places on the web to go. It should be every Texans fans' mission to spread the word about the legacy of the BESFs. Why? Because even if every human being in the entire universe knows about it, it still doesn't make up for how dishonorable it was for Bud Adams to take both the team and the history of the Oilers out of the town he still lives in.

Not really vengeance but the best I can do.

*(Who created the acronym? MDC? BFD? How can I not remember this? It hasn't been THAT long. I know it showed up first at DGDB&D).

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