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Kareem Jackson's Offseason Adventure Continues At "World's Largest Gathering Of Porn Stars"

A little more than three (3) months ago, word got out--thanks to Kareem Jackson himself--that the Texans' much-maligned cornerback chose to attend a cockfight (or "chicken fight," as Kareem himself would say tweet) while on vacation in the Dominican Republic. At the time, legality of the exercise in the Dominican aside, I expressed disbelief "how a professional athlete could think that getting within 100 yards of a cockfight, and then being dumb enough to take pictures at said cockfight, and then upping the idiocy quotient even further by distributing the pictures he took at a cockfight" could ever be considered a good idea.

Undaunted, Ice Kareem has upped the ante from cockfights to porn. I can only imagine Bob McNair's reaction to this news.

There's little doubt that the NFL is less than thrilled with any of its players promoting what's said to be "the world's largest gathering of porn stars," much less the porn event using images of those players in NFL uniform to promote said event. Similarly, I have no doubt Uncle Bob, in his ongoing quest to keep his franchise family-friendly, is rather peeved one of his employees would lend his name to such a venture. And that's all well and good.

What I am most concerned by is Kareem Jackson's continuously striking apparent lack of judgment.

I have zero problem with Kareem Jackson attending the Pornstar Exxxtravaganza. That's his right, and the reality is that he could likely attend without anyone even knowning, much less starting an international incident. He's Kareem Jackson, not Peyton Manning. If K-Jax wants to party with porn stars, more power to him. He's not famous enough to warrant ESPN leading SportsCenter with still shots of him walking into and/or out of a porn convention.

There's a huge difference, however, between a professional athlete attending a porn convention and announcing his attendance to the public. There's an even bigger chasm between said athlete (1) quietly attending a porn event and having a good time, (2) announcing one's attendance at said porn event to the public, and (3) "hosting" a porn convention...particularly when the "hosts" are front and center in the porn event's advertising.

That's just stupid, and it's galactically stupid when you consider the heat Kareem took for his commentary and photography at a cockfighting event just a few months back. How could the guy (or, perhaps more accurately, the people who represent his interests) not learn from that? How could Kareem ever think attaching his name to the Pornstar Exxxtravaganza was anything but a terrible idea? It boggles the mind, and it makes me wonder how anyone's learning curve could be this steep.

Your thoughts?