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Peter King On Nnamdi Asomugha And The Houston Texans

It’s the start of another week here, so it’s mandatory that we have another post on the Houston Texans' secondary and the hottest soon-to-be free agent cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, whom the Texans will be targeting heavily when the NFL Lockout ends…or will they? More behind a very quick jump.’s Peter King isn’t so sure that Houston will pursue Mr. Asomugha. In his latest installment of Monday Morning Quarterback, he doesn’t "get the sense" (read: he’s speculating that they won’t as opposed to having insider information) that Bob McNair and company will target the All-Pro cornerback. Of course not; why would McNair want one of the elite cornerbacks (and all around good off-the-field guy) on his roster?

Perfect sense aside, King still lists reasons why the Texans should pony up the major bucks for Nnamdi later in his MMQB article. You can click here to read that, but let me save you the trouble: the secondary was absolutely pitiful, gave up ridiculous statistics that sound more like they came from the end of a Madden franchise season than a real team, and adding more rookies (Brandon Harris, Roc Carmichael, and Shiloh Keo) won’t fix those issues.

Our friends at Cincy Jungle question the idea that the Texans, pending free agency rules, could be heavily targeting Johnathan Joseph. They also cite a recent chat where our dear friend John McClain throws out the names Joseph, Ike Taylor, Richard Marshall, and Carlos Rogers as more likely targets.

That brings about this talking point: Should the Texans invest time in the Scrabble Sweepstakes or go hard after one of those other guys?

I’m still very pro-Nnamdi, but reading King’s speculation of $18 million per season makes me pause and think. We’re talking top NFL players money here with that high cost, when you could spend less for a quality cornerback and have some cash to get some other solid-to-good guys (like maybe Eric Weddle and re-signing Vonta Leach…please?).

If Philadelphia and Dallas want to get into a bidding war, as has been speculated by many, then I’d rather see Houston quietly grab Joseph or Marshall to start their shopping season. I wouldn’t mind that move at all and would even call it some shrewd thinking if they grabbed a decent safety and re-signed the All-Pro fullback.

However, if the Texans shy away from Nnamdi to target Taylor (a product of the Pittsburgh system) or Rogers (who I believe has been in decline for the last few seasons) then I would rage at the front office in a way reminiscent of Tim after a 12-hour bender of Zima and Coors Light.

So what say you, faithful BRB brothers and sisters? Is $18 million per season too rich for your blood? Is it Nnamdi or bust regardless of the cost because it’s Bob McNair’s money? Are you prepared for the potentially underwhelming and, to borrow a phrase from Mr. McCown, "That's so Texans" signings of Ike Taylor and Gerald Sensabaugh? If I continue to ask questions, will you answer them? Can the NFL Lockout please be over now?