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Gary Kubiak Says Coaches Are Teaching Each Other Since They Can't Teach Players

I suppose this is better than just sitting around, waiting for the lockout to end:

"What we’ve done is we’ve assumed that our players are here," Kubiak said in his office on Wednesday. "We went down in our rooms and went into our teaching mode just like we would be teaching if our guys were here the first few weeks of training camp. Some of the coaches are the students, some of the coaches are teachers.

"We’re just trying to put ourselves through a mimic training camp, with about 10 faces in there instead of 50. So it’s been good for all of us."

"We’re ready to go to camp today," Kubiak said. "Before, we were ready to go bookwork-wise and paperwork-wise (playbook) and all that stuff. Right now, teaching-wise we’re ready to go. We kind of had a warm-up, which we normally don’t have. That’s been good. I know it’s been good especially on the defensive side of the ball."

Anything that gives coaches or players a leg up in learning a brand new defensive scheme is something I'm all for, even if this does have the air of shadow-boxing. If the coaches become better versed in Wade Phillips' scheme through this exercise, it would stand to reason they'll be better able to impart that wisdom to the players. Once they, you know, can actually talk to the players.