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34 Texans Participate In Player-Organized Mini-Camp

As he's done before, Matt Schaub once again organized a mini-camp for his teammates, lockout be damned. Some quick notes from John McClain:

1. DeMeco Ryans is "still unable to go all out," but he was in charge of leading the defense. I'm becoming increasingly convinced that the Texans' transition to Wade Phillips' new scheme is going to have a whole lot to do with how well Cap'n Meco knows Wade Phillips' 3-4. With the lockout gutting face-time for the coaches and players, Ryans has an integral role (bigger than anyone else, really) in making sure his teammates aren't completely lost when training camp starts.

2. Kareem Jackson "appeared to be in excellent shape" and readily admitted he "made some bad decisions."

3. James Casey has added ten pounds of muscle, presumably for a possible increased role at fullback if Vonta Leach is not re-signed.  As much as I love The Human Coke Machine, I remain insanely intrigued by the thought of Thor getting more time on the field.

4. Glover Quin is allegedly transitioning well to safety (which should be taken with a very large grain of salt, considering the environment and source) and " showed a lot of leadership skills during the workout."

While this stuff hardly qualifies as blockbuster news, in our current state of being completely starved for Texans goings-on, we'll take it.  And like it.