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Know Thine Enemy - Jacksonville Jaguars

Last week, we took an look at the important stories to that one team that has always caused us problems, the Indianapolis Colts.  This week, in case the title was somehow unclear, we put the Jacksonville Jaguars under the microscope.  The Texans have had the most success against any team in the division against the Jaguars; even if it is rather depressing that said success comes in the form of a .500 record against them.  Excuse me a second.

::swigs bleach::

Ah, better.  This fact is only made worse by the fact that we would have an above-.500 record against them if a certain player didn't fail to complete a certain bat-down of a certain ball near a certain end zone.  Hang on.

::finishes off bleach bottle::

Okay, enough about that, let's see what the Jaguars have been up to this incredibly dull offseason.

Matt Loede over at wrote an article about how current starting QB David Garrard is not worried about the arrival of rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert.  

Les Carpenter has a piece up at Yahoo! Sports about Blaine Gabbert's photographic memory.  Sure, it's pre-draft, but at least it gives some idea why teams around the league thought highly enough of him to rate him a first round pick.

Like every other team in the NFL, the Jags didn't address all their needs in the draft.  This piece by SBN's Joel Thorman lists what areas of the team the Jags need to attend to in free agency.

Defensive end Aaron Kampman's season was cut short last season due to a knee injury.  According to Jaguarsgab's Matt Loede, again, Kampman's knee will be fine for next season.  The Jaguars are going to count heavily on Kampman's knees this season since the coaching staff has been unable to work with their second-year defensive ends so far.  Curse you, lockout!!!

Florida Times Union writer Tania Ganguli reports Mike Sims-Walker thinks head coach Jack Del Rio is one of the best coaches in the NFL.  I have no punchline to add here.

Joey Farbo of Jaguars Central has a list of free agents that the Jaguars could be targeting.  There's a lot of overlap between who they should pursue and who the Texans should pursue.  Much to my relief, Nnamdi Asomugha is not on their list.