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The Houston Texans Uniforms - Are Changes On The Way For 2012?

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Writer’s note: A tip o’ the hat to our good friends at Cincy Jungle since I wouldn’t have heard about this otherwise. As a thank you for the h/t, I fully expect them to send Johnathan Joseph on a plane to Houston as soon as this lockout ends. That's not completely unreasonable, is it? 

Next April, a small company will begin its exclusive uniform contract with the National Football League. You may have heard of the company before but, for those not in the know, they're called Nike. 

Yesterday, Nike Brand President Charlie Denson talked openly with analysts about a number of topics – such as Tiger Woods and LeBron James – but the one that matters most is their NFL involvement.

Of course, I won't just give that away pre-jump. You're going to have to work for it and jump to get Denson's NFL uniform thoughts.

As you can see here, changes will come to some NFL uniforms in some form. It’s almost inevitable when you think about it. Changing the uniform sells, so why wouldn’t Nike put their own spin on as many things as possible?

Nike has notably shown their creative spin with their Pro Combat Uniforms in the college game (some of which look great and others not so much), and with the ever-changing uniforms of the Oregon Ducks as well.

Granted, Denson himself said that some teams are less willing to change things, but that does allow me to kill time during this lockout ask the wise masses a question regarding the 10th anniversary season (2012) of your Houston Texans.

Do the uniforms need changing or do you like the current look of the guys in deep steel blue, liberty white, and battle red?