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OTAs? More Like SOTAs!

Many Texans fans knew that Matt Schaub was organizing and leading workouts for the offense at Rice. Now, he's also got some members of the defense participating in player-led minicamps and OTAs. Or S(chaub)OTAs, if you will.

"We're doing more detailed work as a group and running through the same type of practice plan that we'd be doing at Reliant," Schaub said about the minicamp. "We're also going to work on some situational football that helps us in crucial points in the game — like the two-minute drill, the red zone, etc."

Some fun (read: disturbing) facts from that article:

-Your Houston Texans had the second-worst starting field position in the NFL in 2010, with their average drive beginning at the 23.7-yard line.

-Your Houston Texans were outscored 96-53 in the first quarter and 139-98 in the second quarter.

-Your Houston Texans outscored opponents 108-75 in the third quarter and 128-111 in the fourth quarter.

-Your Houston Texans ranked ninth in third-down conversions.