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Football Outsiders' Rivers McCown Lists "Top 10 NFL Draft Steals Who Failed"

Rivers' first foray into the big time that is does require Insider access, but I'm be damned if I'm not going to take every opportunity to publicize his work. If you need any more reason to click on the link (or to ask someone who has Insider access to e-mail it to you sign up for Insider), a teaser or two awaits you after the jump.

Is Reggie Bush on Rivers' list? Yes. More importantly, does Rivers manage to work in an observation about how Bush will "never be the superstar he looked like he'd be in college" and/or comment that "the Texans have been vindicated for passing him up for Mario Williams" in this article? I may have answered that question by using quotation marks. Shoot.

Second attempt...the No. 1 player on Rivers' list of NFL Draft Steal Failures played for the Houston Texans last season. Intrigued? Of course you are. Now read!

This post was not paid for by Rivers McCown.