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J.J. Watt Is Already Making A Difference

Really nice effort by your Houston Texans' most recent first round pick, as reported by Nick Scurfield:

[Peter] Berry, according to the Jewish Herald-Voice, was paralyzed in a July 2 car accident that killed his parents and injured his two younger siblings. A fan reached out to Watt and other Texans and Rockets players on Twitter with a link to the story, and Watt replied immediately saying that he wanted to visit Peter and his brother Aaron in the hospital.

Watt brought autographed Texans gear for Peter and Aaron, who both play youth football. The Texans’ first-round draft pick from Wisconsin asked Peter for recommendations on what to do in Houston, shared his mutual admiration for Justin Bieber and invited Peter to a Texans game this season. Watt went so far as to put his cell phone number and e-mail address in Peter’s Apple iPad, telling him to text or e-mail him anytime.

This sort of stuff sometimes goes unreported (albeit often by the athlete's choice), so I'm glad the Texans' official site got the word out. I mean, except for the part about J.J. Watt being a Justin Bieber fan. I wish I didn't know that.