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Tweet Recruiting: Texans Doin' Work

<em><strong>Cromartie bench presses players for fun. Andre, Cush & Co. have taken notice.</strong></em>
Cromartie bench presses players for fun. Andre, Cush & Co. have taken notice.

By now, we all know that Twitter isn't always the most reliable form of news when it is just athletes messing with one another. But when you're hanging on for any news of the lockout finally ending, it really is the only NFL info worth looking into. Especially when it is Andre Johnson, Glover Quin and Brian Cushing talking with Chad Ochocinco and Antonio Cromartie about coming to Houston as free agents once said lockout ends. Take a peek after the jump.

*** Apologies in advance for the horrible spelling in the tweet quotes. Strict copy & pastes ***

This all started about a month ago when 85 sent a tweet to Andre Johnson that said "I want to whoop your ass just because I can!!!" No big deal, right? So Andre replied "here u go again. When ever u ready." Again, just two guys talking mess, no big deal. But 'Dre stepped up the interest a bit when he said "u no what I have a better idea. Come play with me in Texas then we can fight everyday. Lol!" The plot thickens. Especially when Ocho replied "Okay I love this idea."

Now, before everyone turns this into a "That guy is a headcase" or whatnot, just hang on. The story isn't done yet.

Apparently Antonio Cromartie decided that he wanted to play, too, as he added "yeah I like it too. Then I can shutdown both of u guys in Practice lol.jus playing." To which Ocho quickly replied "I'm not, let's go." Glover Quin decided to join the party and replied to both guys to "come on so we can win this super bowl and celebrate.. that feeling look special last night. lets bring a trophy to Houston.."

Cromartie has been on a lot of Texans' fans more realistic free agency shopping list, even though Lance Zierlein has been telling everyone who will listen on Twitter that the team is not interested in his services. Don't tell that to Cro though. as he continued the tweetathon with "I mean I already know Wades Defense."

This looks like a layup for Rick Smith, right? Except for that whole "questionable character" thing that Bottom-Line Bob isn't a big fan of. This is where we find out just how much pull Wade Phillips truly has, if he likes him. He coached Cromartie in San Diego and he likes to bring in guys that know his system. Yes, I realize he has about 37 kids with 28 women or whatnot, but as long as they don't come running on the field during a game I could give a damn about that. I'm not stumping for Cro, but if Scrabble, Joseph, Taylor and friends all sign elsewhere, can this team really afford to be picky?

As far as Ocho goes, he's looked to be a shell of his former self for a couple seasons now. But just because he is a media darling and a funny follow on Twitter, he gets lumped in with guys that are detrimental to their team like a Terrell Owens. I say if the guy wants to come here, give him a shot in an offense that works. I'd love to see Walter in the slot with Andre and Ocho out Wide. But, that's just this lowly blogger's opinion. Back to the so-called "story."

Brian Cushing got some attention back in late May-early June when he tweeted that he was flying to New York to "convince Cromartie to come play for the Texans next season." But he also got into the game again about a week ago when Cromatie asked him what was up and he replied "I'm in Houston man house searching for you so you can move right in when the lockout ends." It's like the players are in a full-court press in recruiting this offseason. Which is smart since Rick Smith doesn't seem to do so. However, again, this is to be taken lightly, of course.  All I'm saying is that the #31 jersey is available since the team cut Bernard Pollard.

I'm just sayin'.